Proud of East Texas: James Callan

Proud of East Texas: James Callan

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Even though James Callan is an expert on computers, he's known more for the murder mysteries he writes.

His latest book, The Silver Medalion is about human trafficking, a problem we don't like to think of happening in our country.

"One report I read said there were more slaves today there were in 1885," said Callan.

The Silver Medalion is one of 11 published books that Callan has written since 1995.

"I went off and worked in Mathematics and Computer Science for many years and then one day decided all the kids are out, self-supporting, I can afford to go write and that was about 20 years ago," said Callan.

Callan's first book relied on his expertise in the computer field. He wrote Computer Literacy Made Easy and Fun at the request of his sister.

"It has a lot of cartoons in it and everything and it describes all of the language of computers," said Callan.

Before The Silver Medalion, Cleanse By Fire, and Murder A Capella, Over My Dead Body, a murder mystery involving the Keystone Pipeline whetted Callan's appetite for writing mysteries.

While Callan's books are fiction, they are often based on real people and situations.

Meeting a woman who had been a victim of human trafficking inspired his latest book.

At first, Callan couldn't believe that people would allow themselves to be slaves, but in researching the subject he found that threats from the drug lords and others running the human trafficking business frightened them into submission.

"'If they were to even think of escape or tell anybody their relatives left behind would be in danger, probably be killed," said Callan.

Despite the seriousness of the subject in The Silver Medalion, Callan says it's not a dark book, instead it's a book of hope, and he's hoping his book will not only be a success but also shed a light on a tragic and widespread problem.

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