Better East Texas: President Trump's international tour

Better East Texas: President Trump's international tour

(KLTV) - President Trump has embarked upon his first international trip by going to the Middle East and visiting several countries that really don't see eye to eye.

This includes Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Palestinian leadership and others. The one common thread that they all seem to respond to though, is Donald Trump.  Each of these countries received the president with open arms, along with a red carpet and the pomp and circumstance that even seemed to impress Trump.

While the challenges Mr. Trump left in Washington DC are still boiling, he truly seems in command on this international stage. He has been controlled and respectful and it seems he is genuinely trying to broker a peace agreement between Israel and several of the other entities. The countries he has visited also seem truly impressed with him and with the common enemy being ISIS, President Trump is off to a solid start on this front.

Trump also met with Pope Francis, who has about a third as many followers on Twitter as the president. They have more than 40 million followers between them. It is truly a new day when the head of the Catholic Church and the President of the United States are heavyweights in social media. But it is a new day because of social media, and perhaps it will be a new day for peace in multiple weary areas of the world.  Post trip, Mr. Trump may not have any time to rest but perhaps he will be lifted by progress on the international front – he and the country need it.

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