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Citation Issued In Longview Burn Ban

     A Longview landowner is issued a citation in violation of the current burn ban in Longview and Gregg county. A large controlled burn has been going on for the last two days at the construction site of the "Longview Towne Center" off highway 259, in northeast Longview. An unauthorized controlled burn.

      "You get a wind and these embers can travel several miles and you get another fire and that's what we do not want" says Longview assistant fire marshal Mark Moore.

     Already fire, sparked by fireworks, torched a section of woods in Longview early this week. Friday the county announced that conditions were too dangerous to allow any outdoor burning.

     "At this time I'm issuing the order for outdoor burning ban for Gregg county , i urge the cooperation of all citizens until sucj time as the fire danger has sufficiently decreased" said Gregg county judge Bill Stoudt at a Friday news conference.

      Fire marshals paid a visit to the towne center landowner for violating the ban yesterday, only to return today and find fires still burning.

      "We're out here for a second day, yesterday a citation was written on this particular burn" says Moore.

     Fire marshals say even with the rain, dry conditions continue, and burning during this period can be particularly dangerous.

    "We've still got potential for a catastrophic incident if they let this stuff get out so its a no tolerance policy" Moore said.

      Two time violators of the ban will be subject to a 500 dollar fine and possible jail time. Bob Hallmark reporting .

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