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7/2/05-Henderson County

Storms Down Trees, Power lines Across East Texas

Gusting winds, heavy rain and hail. A powerful line of thunderstorms downed trees and took out power lines in several counties.
The rain came down in sheets, from all directions, rising faster than street drains could handle. One of the worst hit areas: Henderson County and the city of Athens. When the sun began to shine again and the clouds broke, the police and fire departments were flooded with calls reporting damage.
"It was really loud," said resident Summer Edge. "Like you could hear the wind when it came through."
Winds over 60 miles per hour broke tree limbs and in some areas took out power lines, leaving residents sitting tight for hours.
"It was just blowing rain," said Randy Gandy. "I mean you couldn't hardly see, it was blowing sideways."
At one home, a family waited inside, while outback they could see their storage fence and shed blown apart by the winds.
Just up the road, a neighbor came home to a powerless house and tree limbs scattered across his yard.
Downtown Athens was a brief traffic mess. The winds knocked out street lights. Crews were called in to handle the congestion.
Saturday evening, some parts of Athens and Henderson county were still without power. City officials said crews were working quickly to repair the damage.

Maya Golden reporting,

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