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7/2/05-Smith County

Sinkhole Continues To Grow, Drill Site In Danger

A sinkhole in Smith County is growing bigger by the day. Now a nearby business is in danger of sinking as well.
The growing sinkhole is on FM 724 about two miles north of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.
The stretch of road has been closed for six days.
The land owner of a nearby drilling site said crews working, noticed their drill was leaning about four feet. He said that means the land surrounding the drill site isn't secure either.
Saturday, crews began pumping cement underneath the drill. The site will probably be shut down since there's little anyone can do to stop the growing sink hole.
"Our concern is the safety of anybody in this area," said land owner Mike McGinney, "and it's good that the road is closed. We just want to make sure nobody is in jeopardy."
 The asphalt road above the sinkhole is showing more signs of danger as well. There are now more apparent cracks and buckles in the road.
Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation are warning sightseers to stay away. They said the area is still far too dangerous.

Maya Golden reporting,

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