Proud of East Texas: Neal McCoy's Neal Billy Wines

Proud of East Texas: Neal McCoy's Neal Billy Wines

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - While deliveries at Neal McCoy's home are usually contracts for appearances of biographies of people he can help through his East Texas Angel Network, this delivery kicks off a whole new business for the country music star.

"I'm not a big wine drinker. I'm an every once in a while drinker, but my wife and daughter are professionals so I value their opinion," McCoy said.

When Summerfield Winery of Corsicana contacted McCoy about having his own line of wines, it was something he began to consider.

"I think my daughter Megan said, we need to be drinking dad's wine," McCoy recalled.

McCoy says while that comment just went in and out his ear at first, persistence by the winery and encouragement from his family finally clicked.

"We had a tasting here and I really loved what they had to offer," McCoy said.

McCoy admits that the sweet wines are his favorites while his wife and daughter have different tastes.

"We went through a bundle of flavors and arrived at four different whites, four different reds that we like and so that's going to be our initial offering," McCoy said.

The four initial offerings of Neal Billy Wine, as it's labeled, are in red, white and blue commemorative bottles, spotlighting McCoy's patriotism.

Every morning he's home, McCoy salutes the flag in his front yard and has traveled the world entertaining our military in U.S.O. shows.

McCoy says his patriotism comes from his parents. "My father was in the Army when he met my mom in the Philippines."

McCoy says while his dad's service influenced him, it was his mother, who had lived through Japanese occupation as a child, that brought the lesson home.

"Understand the freedom you have and appreciate them and do what you have to give back," McCoy said.

Neal McCoy's Neal Billy Wines will be introduced next week, and just like his fans voted him Entertainer of the Year against such talents as Garth Brooks and George Strait, they just might turn his wines into a star in the wine business as well.

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