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Freedom Fighter: Paul Struck

Monday, July 4th, we celebrate our country's independence and honor the men and women who have sacrificed to preserve our freedom. Such a man is Paul Strickland of Henderson, who served in five major World War Two battles.
Strickland arrived on Normandy's Utah Beach June 15th, 1944, just after the D-Day invasion. His ship arrived safely, but the following ship hit a mine in the English Channel and 194 of the 200 soldiers it carried were killed. As a member of the Army's 300th Engineer Combat Battalion, Strickland and his buddies were sent to lay mine fields behind enemy lines. 
From Normandy, they were sent to Belgium, just in time for the other biggest battle of the European Theater, The Battle Of The Bulge. Historians estimate U.S. casualties at 20,000 in Normandy and another 20,000 in The Battle Of The Bulge. Paul Strickland returned home November 11,1945, glad to have served his country, but not anxious to leave again.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.

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