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Auto burglaries investigated in Grand Saline

(Source: KLTV Staff) (Source: KLTV Staff)
(Source: KLTV Staff) (Source: KLTV Staff)

Car burglars have targeted another East Texas community.

Police, in Grand Saline, say three cars, all unlocked, were broken into, just east of downtown, in the Richland Heights area.

One of the vehicles was stolen and the driver crashed the vehicle near East Cate Street at a dead end.

It was early Friday morning that Grand Saline Police say they took an initial auto theft report.

"It was a vehicle that was unlocked, keys in the ignition. We also took some car burglary reports from the area the car was stolen from and also from where the vehicle was recovered," says Grand Saline Police Chief Justin Collins.

 Investigators say whoever crashed the vehicle left behind a very important clue.

"They left some very important DNA evidence behind in the form of blood. And probably severe injuries because there's evidence that whoever was driving
did make impact with the windshield as well," Collins says.

One of the items stolen from a vehicle: a gun.

"The item that was taken that we're concerned about, is there was a pistol that was taken from the vehicle near the crash site," says Collins.

 Monday and Tuesday in White Oak, police say nearly a dozen cars were burglarized, all unlocked. Guns were stolen out of two of them.

"They were all unlocked and gone through. If we do apprehend them, there's a good chance that they've already got a handgun out of the car," says White Oak police chief Terry Roach.

"There are similarities between the two cases, unknown if they're connected at the time," Collins says.

A suspect or suspects are still being sought.

Grand Saline police do have the serial number of the pistol that was stolen, and are checking to see if it turns up sold somewhere.

Officers are checking with local hospitals to see if anyone is admitted with injuries consistent with a car crash.

Anyone with information on any of the burglaries is asked to call police.

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