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Proud of East Texas: Old Geezer's Rods & Hogs

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To Ivie 'Peanut' Umphries and Jimmy 'Hook' Seastrunk, air conditioning is one of the only advantages new cars hold over the classic and antique models they restore.

Peanut and Hook have both been fascinated with automobiles ever since they can remember, and when the two met a few years ago, they were just the right combination to put some of the old beauties back on the road.

The two opened Old Geezer's Custom Rods & Hogs a couple of years ago, a few blocks from Tyler's downtown square. The Old Geezer's name came from Peanuts mother-in-law and the long gray beards the two sport just seem right with the name.

While age may have something to do with the gray of their beards, Hook may have earned his through his many escapes in his racing days.

"In '73 I had a major motorcycle wreck and I was in the hospital, intensive care for 45 days," said Hook.

Although they were eventually able to save Jimmy's arm, the Captain Hook nickname has stuck. "Over the years the captain part got dropped, just turned into Hook."

Hook's other narrow escapes, fortunately, have left fewer scars.

"I've been on fire ant 230 miles per hour and melted my tennis shoes to my socks," said Hook.

The Old Geezer's office is filled with trophies earned during Peanut and Hook's racing days. However, the cars they restore and show now are beginning to crowd out the racing awards.

The Old Geezers say they don't have much competition in their business because not many people work on the old cars these days. But as long as the old Geezers are around, the classic and antique autos will keep on rolling.

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