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6/30/05-Smith County

Workers With "Cool Jobs" Don't Mind The Heat

When its a hot June in Texas, most folks don't show up to work in a parka and ski cap.
But, winter or summer, Brent Hurst does just that.

"Oh yeah, you can feel it. It's cold," he laughed. "It's cold."

For two years, five days a week Brent spends his time held up in the SouthWest Food's ice cream vault, where temperatures are set at -16 degrees.

"When the fans are running, I think it's -80 degrees in front of the fans," Brent explained.
You see while most of us are sweating outside, Brent's just trying to find a way to stay warm. He doesn't complain about the heat.

"I don't have that problem. It's cold where I work," he laughed.

Where he is, it tends to snow. If you think he ever gets used to the cold guess again. From day one, his body didn't like the below freezing temperatures.

"Stayed in there so long I couldn't feel my hands. It takes a while. You stay in there long enough you get adapted to it."

It takes time, patience and good pair of gloves to get thousands of gallons of ice ready for delivery. But we had just had to ask Brent one thing: Do you still like ice cream?

"Oh yeah," he laughed. "I generally eat one or two bowls a week."

I guess you can say working with a food you love, is a double dip Brent can dig in to.

Maya Golden reporting,

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