Better East Texas: Focusing on Mental Health Month

(KLTV) - May is National Mental Health Month and we are helping spread the word about mental health issues. 

For many, that topic is glossed over because mental health challenges are typically not visible, and oftentimes those who are suffering don't reach out for help until it is too late. 

Nine out of ten Texans surveyed said it is harder to talk about mental health issues than physical issues. A quick check of social media confirms this, as there are typically numerous requests for prayer and thoughts on physical illness or surgeries, but you are hard-pressed to find any posts about depression, anxiety or panic. 

Most would also agree that there is an unfounded stigma associated with mental health issues.  But, in reality, most mental health issues are treatable, and that is the first step in furthering the education of those that are affected by and suffering from mental health diseases. 

Seventy-five percent of us have had a friend or family member suffer from a mental health issue, so we are all touched by this. So, what can we do?  There is a new campaign called OK to Say, and you can get more information at  This website is a resource center, but it is also a living testimony to help open the door for people to discuss mental health diseases in the exact same way that we discuss physical diseases.

So, think about how mental health issues have affected you and those around you, and take action.  It will help remove the stigma and make for a Better East Texas.

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