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Running to state: Kilgore Bulldogs are the fastest 4X2 relay team in ETX

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You can try and chase them, but you probably won't catch the group of bulldogs running away to the Class 4A Track and Field State Championship. 

"It's awesome to me right now, it's a lovely feeling. I've been telling these guys since day one that we were going to state,"  Terrell Shelton, senior Kilgore Bulldog. 

"It's all the hard work we've been doing all track season, finally paid off. I'm excited, my guys excited," said Melek Hamilton, senior Kilgore Bulldog. 

With the fastest 4 X 200 meter relay time in East Texas, the second best in all of Class 4A, Kilgore will look to take home the school's second state title in 2017. 

"We the 903, we "Beast Texas" like you just said. Ain't nothing better then that. We are going to go get 'em. We work harder then other folks. It's 903," said Jonathan Shepherd, junior Kilgore Bulldog. 

"It's tradition, it how we were raised. Kilgore got the biggest heart. Size doesn't matter it's all about the heart," said Buddy Jackson, junior Kilgore Bulldog. 

With just as much speed as they do heart, the Bulldogs have a really good chance at bringing home the gold. All they have to do is get passed Dallas Carter; the only team with a better time by two-tenths of a second.

"Hand-offs. That's how they beat us last time was hand-offs. They barely got us, so if we come clean we can win," said Jackson. 

"One mistake at this point can mess you up. Right now we have to be prefect," said Hamilton. 

"I feel like we are going out there to push them and they are going to push us and the best team is going to come out on top. I'm just trying to come back with a gold medal around my neck," said Shelton. 

Hopefully all four of these athletes will return with gold hanging from their necks, but if they don't they will at least return home with something that is sometimes better then a trophy - each other.

"We act like a big ole family. Big brothers, little brothers, tall brothers. We make sure to look for each other, we got too," said Shepherd. 

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