Better East Texas: Health care reform committee needs diversity

(KLTV) - House Republicans threw a party for the passage of the American Healthcare Act.  And now it is the Senate's turn to develop their own plan and see how it meshes...or doesn't...with the House plan.

This will take several months – at minimum – and it is possible that the Senate plan will look drastically different, which will send the bill into a conference committee made up of members of both houses.

To get the process started, the Senate has created a thirteen-member panel of Republican senators to start crafting the senate version. You would think the Senate – the upper chamber – would be committed to creating a version that would be respected and embraced by many Americans. But they are not starting out with the highest vote of confidence, because the thirteen-member panel is made up of all men. 

Of all the issues that deserve at least the optics of being molded by a cross-section of the American population, healthcare reform would be number one.  Now there are five female Republican senators and several medical doctors in the Senate and, hopefully, someone will reach out to them for input, as this is about the business of healthcare, but it is ultimately about healthcare, and the Republicans need as much positive PR as they can generate. 

Our own senators, Cornyn and Cruz, are on the committees, so Texas will be well-represented, but the committee needs to diversify.  Healthcare affects everyone in the land and without a clear, solid plan, Republicans will be doomed in the mid-term elections.

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