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Gladewater Woman Disagrees With Police's Story On Gladewater Shooting

An East Texas man is shot and killed by police, and an East Texas woman is not satisfied with the official police version of exactly what happened. The man killed is the father of Amanda Caton's two children. She says she's angry that the officer involved, Brian Naismith, is now back on duty.

It was less than a week ago, officer Naismith shot and killed the father of her two children, 25-year-old Jonathan King. Naismith says he was in imminent danger, and King tried to run him down. Caton says the officer was put back on the streets too soon.

"I'm very worried for everyone else out on the road, very worried he needs to be off until the investigation in over.  I don't think he should be allowed on the force," says Caton.

Caton spoke with her sister Brandy Bell and Kaylon Crain, who both witnessed the shooting. Both were arrested.  Crain is still in custody. Caton says they tell a much different story of what happened, saying shots began almost as soon as King drove off.

"The minute he took off, the officer started shooting at him. They said that Jonathan turned around and the officer was still shooting at him," she says.

In spite of Caton's claim that King would not have run the officer over, only an eight foot wide gate is the only way in and out of this pasture and the officer was blocking the road as King tried to come through. Investigators maintain their report stands. But it's small consolation to Caton and her two children she had with King.

But questions will continue to haunt Caton with questions that she will not let go.

"If I have to fight this till I pass away, I know he would want the answers. I also want to know so I can explain this to my kids when they're older," says Caton.

No further information on the case has been released. The Texas Rangers are heading up the investigation.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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