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6/30/05 - Henderson

Gift of Love: Three Siblings In Need Of Good Home

Although sharing toys can be a challenge for children, these three siblings play pretty well together. Kelly Mason their caseworker with Child Protective Services says, "They're wonderful kids. They're all adorable and they're so sweet."

It's amazing considering what these young children have been through. They were placed in foster care about one year ago because of neglect and drug use in the home. "Despite all that, these kids have a lot of potential. These kids are very smart. They're very loving and they bond quickly. They're great kids," says Kelly.

Kiki is the oldest and most outgoing. She's four years old and keeps a close eye on her siblings. Watching Kiki wash her brother's hands Kelly says, "As you can see, Kiki is the mother of the family and she takes care of the other children. She tells them what they're doing right and doing wrong. It would not be a good thing, separation wise, for them to be placed in different homes."

Jeremi is 2 years old and small for his age. He was underweight when he came into care. "We don't know if it was about him not getting enough to eat or not getting the right kinds of foods to eat, but now he will eat anything he can get his hands on," says Kelly.

Azia is the youngest. She's just one year old and was removed from the hospital at birth because of drugs in her system. With time and therapy, she is now back on target. "She has actually tested out of the program. They said she is doing so great that she doesn't need any help anymore." Kelly goes on to say, "Azia is talking and I don't think she ever walked, she went right from crawling to running and she hasn't stopped since."

All three children are healthy, happy and well adjusted. "It's like everywhere they go they just fit in there. We've never had any problems out of any of them. They've just always done so great in the foster home. We've always had great reports about how they are doing. They get along great with everybody," explains Kelly.

Kiki, Jeremi and Azia need a patient family willing to nurture them. But the one thing they need most, is the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Kiki, Jeremi and Azia call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.


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