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"Does It Work?"-3/13/07

Chef Giornali's Omelet Pan: "Does It Work?"

Making an omelet to look like an omelet is sometimes easier said than done. But there's a new product on the market that claims to make the perfect omelet. And this week, we put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

He guarantees it. Right on the box, the maker of the Chef Giornali Omelet Pan claims his revolutionary pan literally makes your omelets for you. Just flip, flip again and serve.

The secret to this special pan is in the handle. A set of gears in there allows you to push one button and flip up one side. Push the other and the other side flies up. Also interesting is the shape of this thing. It's custom made to make a perfectly shaped omelet or crepe and pretty much nothing else.

The instructions call for butter, oil or cooking spray. We comply and preheat the pan as requested. And we're careful to keep the omelet mixture below the edges of the flipping trays.

After it firms up, we added a little cheese and ham. And we're ready for our first flip. Well...the omelet slid right off and underneath the tray on the first side. Then it happened again on the other side. So, now we were left with an omelet underneath the cooking trays on both sides. We managed to get it out with a spatula. And we started over.

Turns out, we were using too much cooking spray and we were flipping too slowly. We were able to make four, very perfect omelets later, by reducing the amount of cooking spray and pushing the buttons more quickly and aggressively.

"Does It Work?" There was some trial and error involved, but we give Chef Giornali's Omelet Pan a "yes."

Cleanup was very easy. And compared to other "as seen on TV" pans, construction was among the best. The non-stick surface was pretty good too. We saw no evidence of flaking.

We bought Chef Giornali's Omelet Pan for $19.99. It's widely available online at sites like and

Joe Terrell, reporting.


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