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Old Makeup Carries Risks For Infection

It's something women use everyday. But many are unaware, makeup can build up all types of bacteria, causing more harm to your skin than good.
This goes for makeup you use daily as well as that old tube of lipstick you've had sitting in your drawer.

Women everyday brush, smooth and twirl their ways to beauty. "I do not go to the grocery store without my make up," said Judy Brumley.

But, like the food in your fridge, makeup eventually goes bad. A fact many of us don't realize.

"I had no idea. I held on to mascara until it was dry as a bone," said Melissa Craddock said of her past.

Now, Melissa is the owner of Tyler's Merle Norman and knows all about the hidden dangers in using old makeup.

"Makeup usually has a shelf life of a year," Melissa said, "depending when you open it."

Using products longer than that, can cause more damage to your skin and risk serious infection.

"I've seen staph infections, I've seen strep infections," said Dermatologist Dannise Beckley.

Dr. Beckley said over time, your makeup's ability to fight off unhealthy germs weakens.

"The preservatives in makeup begins to become less effective," she explained. "The bacteria the makeup has been exposed to, begin to multiply and before long the makeup could actually have enough bacteria that can cause an infection."

So what are the expiration periods? Well, you should throw out your liquid foundation after 3 to 6 months.

Powders, pressed or loose, blushes and eye shadow go bad after a year.

You're gambling with your eyes if you use mascara longer than 3 months or eye liner longer than a year. Lip gloss or lipstick has a year until it's bad.

Melissa Craddock said there are tell-tell signs of makeup gone bad.

"You want to look at the odor, look at the consistency," she said. "If that changes any time over a year throw it out."

Dr. Beckley said sharing your makeup also increases risk for infection, especially for pink eye. Some suggestions to avoid germs in your cosmetics include, washing your face and hands thoroughly before applying, and do not add water to your mascara or foundation.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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