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The day after the storms

Our news crews continue to bring you the most thorough coverage of this weekend's tornadoes.  

Yesterland Farms has played a role in thousands of family's holiday plans.  Tonight at 10, Taylor Hemness shows it to you in a way you've never before seen while Jamey Boyum takes you into the skies above East Texas for aerial views of the damage that give you a unique perspective.

Bob Hallmark will deliver a live report from Emory on what's happening there.  Sophia Constantine will be live in Canton with the latest on the pressing issue of finding shelter for tornado victims.  

Khyati Patel has a new report on the preparations for feeding survivors and Lane Luckie joins us to make sure you know what's taking place in Henderson county.    

Paul Rivera will have the story of how one set of East Texans went from planning a wedding to figuring out how to survive.  Doug Murray was also in the area to talk with folks who were in the middle of preparing for a prom when the tornado hit.

It's widely varied coverage, designed to bring you the most complete coverage.  

Join us for it tonight at 10.  

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