Better East Texas: Spicer's lesson should be learned by all

Better East Texas: Spicer apology

(KLTV) - We saw something in the news recently that was not the lead story in a newscast, but it was significant - a member of the Trump administration apologizing for comments made that were offensive.

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated, in a comparison between Syrian President Assad and Hitler, that even Hitler did not use chemical weapons.  He was wrong in that comparison, as Hitler did use chemicals as part of his actions in carrying out the Holocaust. Well, the comments drew immediate criticism from many, and Nancy Pelosi went as far as saying Spicer should be fired.  But Sean Spicer did the right thing.  

He went on the offensive and gave a number of interviews and apologized for the inappropriate and insensitive remarks. In one interview to a national news organization, the anchor went as far as baiting Spicer to try and get him off message and back in some kind of emotional exchange, but Spicer stayed focused.

Of all the mis-speaks, mixed messages and questionable comments by members of the Trump administration, this moment with Sean Spicer was a welcome, human event. He stayed on message – he was in front of the cameras to apologize, he came across as very sincere, and he showed, and possibly learned, that is it OK in Washington to admit you are human and are flawed.

Spicer is unscripted most of the time and there will no doubt be those times that he will flub and even offend, and will have to circle around and admit it. It is a lesson for in Washington that hopefully all with see.

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