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6/26/05-Union Grove

Proud Of East Texas: Jay Pepper

From the trees of the forests to music of the heart, Jay Pepper of Union Grove handcrafts beautiful dulcimers from East Texas woods. Pepper first fell in love with dulcimer music during a visit to Tennessee. He's been playing dulcimers, and making them, ever since.

Dulcimers date back to ancient times. There's even mention of dulcimers in the Old Testament. Pepper has handcrafted a copy of a dulcimer found in 400 B.C., along with dulcimers shaped like violins, teardrops and hourglasses. He's even crafted a dulcimer to be played by two people called a "Courtin' Dulcimer."

Pepper sells his dulcimers at festivals to collectors and novices alike. Their price ranges from $300 to $500.

Even Pepper's home demonstrates his love of dulcimers. The balcony railing is made up totally of his favorite instrument.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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