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Author Declares Run For Governor In Jefferson

He's a home-spun author, musician and humorist and now, he's declaring his intent to run for governor of the state of Texas. His message is simple: how hard can it be. At a book signing in Jefferson sponsored by the Pulpwood Queens Book Club, the cigar smoking author and humorist Kinky Friedman made his intentions clear. He wants to be the next governor of Texas.

"I've realized a lot of my dreams and I want to see that others realize their dreams and I'm speaking of younger Texans, I am not the joke. The Texas legislature, that's the joke," says Friedman.

And his homespun message of plain sense is catching on.

"I've read all of his books and articles in Texas Monthly and I agree with just about all his principles," says Friedman supporter Robin Hester of Nacogdoches.

Hundreds turned to talk to the man who can be eloquent.

"You can lead a politician to water, but you can't make him think," says Kinky.

He's also direct.

"90 percent of all politicians give the other 10 percent a bad name."

And of course witty.

"I know how to ride shoot straight and tell the truth, that's a start."

It's not a joke, Friedman wants to solve problems that have plagued the state.

"I want to bring non-denominational prayer back in public schools," says Friedman.

If successful, he would become the first Jewish governor of Texas, and he says that's a plus.

"If you elect me first Jewish governor of Texas, I'll lower the speed limit to 54.95!"

He promises the next run for the governor's office will, at the very least, be entertaining.

"Trust me, I'm a Jew, I'll hire good people."

"Kinky," whose real name is Richard, is going to have his name legally changed so that he can file for the governor's office in January as "Kinky Friedman."

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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