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Hallsville Racetrack Shooting Victim Recovering

A Tyler woman is hoping for a miracle recovery for her fiancee, who was a victim of the shooting at Hallsville Raceway last week. 31-year-old Fredrick Prentise was shot twice in the head. Also shot, 33-year old Charles Jessie Miller, who is still in critical condition.  Cedric Johnson was killed.

For 34-year-old Nekay Jackson, now is a time of faith. Her fiancee, Fredrick Prentise, remains in a hospital bed, still in critical condition.

"It's kind of hard because he usually takes care of me, you can see it's bothering him a lot though because he'll shed little tears now and then, tears will come down," says Nekay.

Jackson has been at Prentise's side every moment since the shooting and wants to stay strong for the man she calls "rabbit," because of his constant energy.

"Rabbit, I call him rabbit, I stay high-spirited for him because he would tell me.  I cry about things that would happen to me, and he'd say quit feeling sorry for yourself," says Jackson.

But there are some good signs.  Jackson says Prentise is moving and responding. She's not bitter over what's happened, she just wants the man back that she cares so much for.

"When he say, 'Shut up, you talk too much', that's when I'm gonna say ok he's better," she says.

Four men have been arrested and charged with assault in the shooting. Police tell us those charges could be upgraded to murder.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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