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Brownsboro police searching for park graffiti suspects


The Brownsboro Police Department is searching for a suspect or suspects who graffitied an East Texas playground. The playground is located at Brownsboro City Park.

Just over a week ago, Rachel Smith and her son were playing at the Brownsboro City Park.

“He wanted me to go down one of the tube slides, and so I went down the slide and there was just profanity written all inside the slides. I couldn't even believe it! So, I just started taking pictures,” Rachel said.

Rachel’s son wasn’t old enough to read the profane words, but she says other children on the playground were.

“I messaged the Brownsboro Police Department on Facebook and sent them all the photos,” Rachel added.

The police department said they were aware of the graffiti and were working to have it removed, but Rachel says she feels the areas with profane words should have been blocked off.

“I just couldn’t believe that they would let children continue playing there if they knew about it,” Rachel said.

According to Brownsboro City Council Member Glen Vest, graffiti “hasn’t been that big of a problem until the last few months,” within their community.

“The people that built this park built it with their donations, and their time and their money. This is not a city paid park and for somebody to come in and vandalize it like it’s been vandalized, we've said no more,” Vest added.
According to Vest, the city is planning to install security cameras, extra lighting, and increasing police patrols.

If a person is caught vandalizing city property, the punishment is assigned based on the dollar amount of damage. Anything under $2,500 is a misdemeanor, anything over it is a felony. 

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