Better East Texas: Crimes displayed on Facebook

(KLTV) - There has been a sharp rise in the number of crimes carried out and displayed on social media. It is hard to escape the news reports that show fights, torture and even murder displayed on Facebook.

It used to be more about curiosity where we saw random, but limited, fights and struggles around Black Friday or other emotionally charged crowd scenes.

But now, hardly a week goes by that we don't hear about violent acts being broadcast live on Facebook.

It is inescapable that multiple people in these situations will have cell phone cameras and these acts will continue to be posted in some form. So, Facebook, the creator of this live platform, needs to act immediately to find a way to curb the appeal and ability to go live with a crime.

Perhaps they need to create an application or authentication process that forces potential users of this feature to apply and give more detailed information. Perhaps a location tracker that is not optional. Perhaps there is some kind of extra controls that Facebook can create to act faster when a crime is being committed.

Either way, Facebook created this feature and it is being abused and people have died – thus they need to find a way to fix it. It is their responsibility. Facebook has quickly become prominent in our society and has brought people together that would never have connected.

There are great benefits of that functionality but with those benefits and that meteoric rise in popularity come great responsibility. Facebook needs a solution immediately – lives are in the balance.

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