Sports WebXtra: Texas Rangers early woes

Sports WebXtra: Texas Rangers early woes

The regular season hasn't even completed one month of play, but it's obvious what the Texas Rangers major problem is going to be this year.

Pitching wins games, and that's the exact reason why the Rangers currently sit at 5-8 only in front of the Oakland Athletics in the AL West standings. Unlike the Houston Astros who have been able to win with seven different starters, the Rangers have only won with four - barely.

Yu Darvish and AJ Griffin are the only starters with more than one win under their belts, Darvish will look for number three the next two days against the A's. Martin Perez could also pick up his second on Wednesday. Still, three pitchers who can win multiple ballgames with a week's rest in between starts isn't going to rocket the Rangers into World Series contention.

It may be too early to start looking at trades, but it's not to early to start motivating the bullpen with some sort of win or bust mentality,

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