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Shotgun sports lands ETX student $84,000 scholarship


An East Texas high school student signed to attend Schreiner University today, just outside of San Antonio, for shotgun sports. Her commitment comes with an $84,000 scholarship.

Amber Chandler had a lot to overcome early in life to get where she is today.

“My birth mom was a big time alcoholic, she was running from the FBI, and in trouble with the law,” says 19-year-old Chandler."We would get to one place and we would live there for a couple of months. She would get in trouble, then we would have to move on to the next place before the police came."

At the age of 8, her adoptive parents, Mitch and Peggy Chandler, found her at the top of mountain in Costa Rica, where she lived and they had just moved. 

“At the time, we had just retired,” said Mitch Chandler.

They went through an almost three-year adoption process and brought Amber to the United States. She used shotgun sports as an outlet.

While Amber says her journey has been challenging, she says she wouldn’t change any of it.

“I found family, that’s been the main thing, and it doesn’t matter if it is not by blood. I found family within my family now, I found family within this school, within my shooting team, and everything that’s been around me. It has been absolutely amazing and I got a second chance,” said Amber.

Amber will move this August to begin school at Schreiner University. 

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