Better East Texas: The United Airlines mistake

(KLTV) - United Airlines has been in the spotlight for the having airport security in Chicago remove a ticketed passenger from a flight to Louisville. You have probably seen most or all of the video.

The final price to United for this incident is still yet to be determined, but the loss in value because of stock price reduction has been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And, just as impactful, the deluge of social media comments and others sharing similar stories will live for a long time.

The CEO of United has tried to go on the offensive and apologize to the passenger and pledge an investigation and commit that it will never happen again.  And while he may be sincere, it was his initial reaction and comments that call his sincerity into question. 

The airline initially communicated that the injured passenger was partially at fault for the situation and that he had become "disruptive and belligerent" when he was told to de-plane.  So, the airline tried to put some responsibility on the passenger which was an error. 

The airline initially said the flight was overbooked which was not accurate, either.  And now the damage control begins, because of the impact on the value of the company.  This entire situation was handled poorly by the managers on scene and then by the senior management at the airline.

There may be books written about the incident, but the message is clear – treat people right, tell the truth, and always know there is probably a cell phone nearby to confirm both.

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