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Residents Complain Of Stench Near Henderson Business

A pungent problem has reared its "smelly" head again in Henderson, and residents of one neighborhood have had enough. Sadlers' Smokehouse may face some penalties from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality if the situation isn't remedied. Sadlers' employs hundreds of people in the Henderson area. It's located on highway 64 at Frisco street.

Some residents are tired of the smell of the filtration ponds that comes with it, the stench of liquid waste materials.

"I'd say two or three months after we moved in, the odor problems started.  [It was] extremely foul, it smells like possibly rotten flesh ,just to give you an idea extremely bad," says area resident Casey Lebow.

"We just don't like to be outside. Its miserable. I can't do yard work, can't play with my little girl outside, nothing like that," says resident Jacob Crater.

"It burns your eyes, you cannot walk outside to mow your grass, you cannot have people over," says resident Crista Lebow.

Their beef is not with having the company there, they appreciate the work it brings to the community. But, a periodic foul smell from the plant is making life unpleasant. Although apologetic, Sadlers' reps say its a temporary problem they are trying to fix.

"This is very much a short term problem.  We're very conscious of our partners.  We don't want to inconvenience the city or our neighbors at all and we're addressing it," says co-owner Randy Sadler.

Residents keep candles and incense burning in the homes to cut the smell, and have gone as far as city council to get action, but feel that Sadlers' community prominence is giving them protection.

"A lot of people think highly of him in this town. I just want the ponds to smell better," says Crista.

Keenly aware of the discontent, Sadlers' is promising change.

"We're determined to correct any inconvenience that our growth shows the community," says Sadler.

We spoke today with a representative of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  He told us Sadlers' has been issued a notice of violation for creating a public nuisance from the smell.

IF Sadlers' fails to eliminate the odor within a reasonable amount of time, the case will go to agency enforcement, which could mean possible fines.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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