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6/23/05-Big Sandy

Herds Of Wild Hogs Venturing Into Big Sandy Neighborhoods And Yards

They are large, powerful animals and have been known to attack.
Now, residents in the town of Big Sandy are reporting wild hogs in their neighborhoods and yards two to three times a day. City officials said this summer has been the worst they've experienced.
Just yards from his house, Big Sandy City Secretary Steve Crowell eyed the brush lining his back yard. It's from there, wild hogs have been entering his neighborhood, ransacking yards.
"They'll tear the ground up looking for worms and grubs and stuff," Steve said.
But Steve and Residents are not just worried about the landscape. These wild hogs are invading the same spaces where family pets and children play.
"They don't care who it is, these are large animals," Steve said. "They weigh up to 300 or 400 pounds and they have very large teeth. They're dangerous animals."
Creek and river bottoms are home to these wild hogs, but during the summer months, the vegetation around those areas dries out. So the wild hogs move closer to the city to find a cool spot and food. Which sometimes is in your yard.
"Lady called and said they were ramming the peach trees to make the peaches fall off on to the ground so that they could eat the peaches," Steve said.
It's not just one or two hogs. Imagine a herd of 20 of the wild hogs standing in your yard.
Some have ventured on to Big Sandy roadways. Early one morning, A.J. Tucker learned just that.
"When I hit it, it launched me up on two wheels," A.J. said showing the damage to his car. "It tore the front bumper down here, it ripped it completely off. It knocked the entire head light piece completely out of wack."
Steve Crowell is warning residents: if these hogs come close, don't take it upon yourself to make it them go away.
"Stay inside, stay in your car," Steve said. "Don't try to catch one."
The city of Big Sandy will have a crew out this Saturday to set up traps for the wild hogs. Officials with Texas Parks and Wildlife said inside the city limits residents are restricted in taking action against the wild hogs.
However, those outside city limits are allowed to hunt the animal with a hunting license or if they pose an immediate threat.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com

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