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Strong and Steady: UT Tyler Patriots softball on 6- game shutout streak

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On a 15 game winning streak, outscoring their opponents 50-0 in their past six games, this UT Tyler Patriots team has yet to feel the loss of the key players such as Kelsie Batten, Raven Rodriguez, Jackie Mendez and Vanessa Carrizales. 

"No one puts more pressure to be successful then we do on ourselves. So all the other expectations go to the waste side. This team wants to put their stamp of identity on this team, not just to be the team after the national championship, but what did this team do and I think we are well on our way to that," said Mike Reed, Patriot softball head coach. 

That's probably the closest we'll ever get Coach Reed to looking ahead and admitting his team can revisit the national championship. It's a lot easier to get coach to brag about the two main reasons this team is shutting down so many opponents; senior pitcher Alaina Kissinger and freshman pitcher Whitney Romero.  

"We knew we had Kissinger and she was more than ready. She had been ready for the past couple of years for the leading role. We knew she was going to embrace that and be ready, having started the national championship game and some other big starts for us. But we said at the beginning of the year whatever adjective describes our number two and number three pitchers is probably going to describe our season," said Coach Reed. 

"I come in everyday, I try to put my best effort in, I work hard. I think the more work you put in the more it shows on the field," said Whitney Romero, freshman and number two pitcher. 

Even when these ladies allow hitters to get a hold of one, the eight other Patriots on the field have their back. In the past month the defense has only allowed four runs over a 14 game span. 

"I think if you go back and watch our defense is just making the routine plays. That gives the pitcher the ability to relax and know that even if the ball gets put in play they've got people behind them that our willing to do the work," said KK Stevens, senior catcher. 

With two series left before the ASC Championship Tournament, all the Patriots really need to do is exactly what they've been doing, and enjoy the ride. 

"I believe that softball is a game you have fun in, and the more fun you have the easier it is to play," said Alaina Kissinger, senior starting pitcher. 

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