Gift of Love: Robin

Gift of Love: Robin

(KLTV) - 11-year-old Robin had the best day picking out her very own Build-A-Bear as we made our way through the store. Robin is a very intelligent little girl. She does well in school and makes good grades.

"I like science," Robin said.

She also loves to draw and is very creative. Robin says she hopes to be an artist when she grows up. 
When she's not in school, Robin likes to spend time both inside and outside.

"Draw and go to the park or something," Robin said.

Robin says the swings are her favorite and she enjoys watching Monster High on television. Robin is very girly and likes to dress up and wear lipstick. Her favorite color is pink. Also, she loves pepperoni pizza and triple chocolate cake. Robin really wants to be loved and find a permanent home.

"A mommy and daddy," Robin said, "It would mean my everything in life...because I would like to find a forever home."

Robin would also like a sister her age so they can be best friends. She looks forward to doing the normal everyday family things.

"I like to have good bedtime stories," Robin said.

And she hopes to find a family that can share in her childhood and most importantly, give Robin the Gift of Love.

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