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Hallsville Gun Possession Arrests

Caught carrying weapons illegally, three men have been arrested in Hallsville. 28-year-old Demion Silas, 28-year-old Brandon Robertson and 30-year-old Nathaniel Pryor were all taken into custody around 3 p.m. yesterday in Hallsville. Their charges range from deadly conduct, to illegal possession of firearms.

Police say Robertson actually threatened drivers by waving the pistol at them. The group was arrested at a convenience store in Hallsville, where police found that they were carrying a rifle, a shotgun and two pistols inside their vehicle.

"Saw a car pull up at the pumps then I saw an officer pull up behind. We thought he was giving them a ticket. He walks around the car, got his gun,  gets the people out of the car and they had a gun and then all kinds of deputies showed up," said arrest witness Neil Young.

The men remain in Harrison County jail.  Investigators say more charges are pending.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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