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ETMC EMS Dispatcher Receives State Honor For Helping Young Boy

It was a young boy's plea for help. His grandmother lay motionless, not breathing.
No one else was at home to help. But, there was someone to send help.
ETMC EMS Dispatcher Deven Myers answered the boy's 911 call. Now, Deven is one of few to be honored for his work.
As a 911 dispatcher, 23-year-old Deven's job is to stay calm and get help. But last April, even he was shaken by the young voice on the phone.
"I could tell it wasn't a good call," Deven said.
KLTV was allowed to listen to the 911 call.

Boy: Me and my mimi were planting and suddenly, and suddenly, my mimi said, she said "I'm not okay" and and she just fainted.

Deven: Is she awake now?

Boy: No

Deven: No? Is she breathing?

Boy: No.

Deven: How old are you?

Boy: I'm 9, I'm really scared.

His 77-year old grandmother was lying unconscious in the front yard.
"Any kid calls, you're kind of real nervous about that," Deven said. "Just get the help there, as quick as we could."
Deven did just that.

Deven: I'm going to stay on the phone with you until they get there. I've got the fire department and ambulance on their way, okay?

Boy: Okay.

Deven: Stay on the phone with me.

Boy: Hang in there mimi.

Help arrived. The boy's grandmother was taken to the hospital. For his help with the young boy, Deven is one of the few who will receive the state's 911 Telecommunicators of the year award.
"I think we should all get recognized for the calls," Deven said, "but it's a good feeling."
Deven, is a shy, humble young man. He said the real hero that day, was the boy.
"I think the credit goes to him because he stayed on the phone, and got 911 there for his grandmother."
Deven said he still thinks about that call. But everyday, he's waiting and ready to help another person in need.
Out of 40 entries, Deven is one of only 8 selected for the 911 Telecommunicator of the year award. He'll get the award in August. In addition to being a 911 dispatcher, Deven is also a volunteer with the Lindale Fire Department.

Maya Golden reporting,

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