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Trashing East Texas: Longview Neighborhood Still Dealing With Illegal Dumping

A neighborhood in Longview continues to be trashed by illegal dumpers -- that despite efforts from the city and residents. We first took you to the area near the intersection of Zeola and Leland Streets in January. That's in West Longview near Highway 80 and H.G. Mosely.

"Car parts, furniture, appliances," are things resident Regina Tullos has noticed in the woods surrounding her home.

"I've seen gas cans. No telling what's in those," she says.

The illegal dumping has been a thorn for neighbors. In this heavily wooded area just yards from their homes, the trashing continues.

"I've called police a couple of times and the time the officers get there, the person's gone," she says.

We visited this area back in January, and the City of Longview sent a crew to get trash along the roadside. But there is still no barrier to dumpers taking their vehicles loaded with trash down this path.

"There's absolutely no deterrent whatsoever at this point," Regina says.

While the city cleaned up near the road, it appears much of this has been here quite some time and Regina says at all hours of the night, trucks still drive up into this wooded area, apparently dumping garbage.

"[They're] usually 4x4 trucks coming over the entrance loaded up, disappearing, and coming back empty."

Longview environmental inspector Kevin Cummings told us the city will be sending out crews to pick up along right of way, but he says the city hasn't noticed a large amount of new dumping. Nevertheless, they're open to input from neighbors.

But Regina and her neighbors are going to be on the lookout for anything they can do to identify the criminals.

"They do not have to live here. They dump it so they don't have to see it, but we do," she says.

"I own my house. I like my little neighborhood. It frustrates me that people have so little respect for other people."

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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