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Asthma Camp Underway In Tyler

Asthma camp teaches sufferers how to control their medical condition and still participate in sports and outdoor activities. Counselors at the camp have been doing this for 20 years. The U.T. Health Center sponsors the summer camp at camp Tyler.

Campers wear their inhalers around their neck everywhere they go and participate in fishing, archery and even basketball. The goal is to teach the kids that asthma doesn't have to stop them from enjoying normal activities.

"I've been coming here to learn about my asthma. I just come here to have fun and learn," says camper John Grubb.

"So while we're going through the fun activities, we're also getting educated," says counselor Phyllis Brunner who also works for TJC as a respiratory therapist.

Grade school kids, up to the age of 14 years of age are eligible to attend. Sponsors say kids from as far away as Oklahoma come to Tyler each year to participate in the camp.

Call U.T. Health Center for more information.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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