Better East Texas: Tony Romo retirement

Better East Texas: Tony Romo retirement

(KLTV/KTRE) - The retirement decision recently by Tony Romo to walk away from football made headlines in both the sports world and general news world.

Romo has been the high-profile leader of the most recognized sports team in the world – the Dallas Cowboys. He now begins a new chapter in his life and his decision also ends months of uncertainty about his future.

The Cowboys did their best to find another team for Romo to join, but there were no takers. So this move was as much a forced move out of the sport for Romo, but a great opportunity for him in the sports broadcasting world.

Good for Tony. He joins a long list of Texas personalities that come to mind that walked away from their high profile professions – some by their own decision – others forced out.  Legends like singer George Strait, East Texan and former Dallas Cowboy Don Meredith, Texas Rangers Pitcher Nolan Ryan... all had some gas in their tank left for their professions of choice, but decided to take a turn in another direction.  

If you are familiar with those folks, you might remember that many left with fans wanting more, but in Romo's case, there is almost a sense of relief.  We have seen him beat up on the football field and his body has been punished to the point of breaking. So, yes, a sigh of relief. We will still see Romo in the broadcast booth – thankfully he will be able to walk into the booth -  but there will be no quarterback question in Dallas for a while – and that is a relief as well.

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