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Four Drive-By Shootings In South Longview, Residents Fearful

Family homes turned into targets. There have been four drive-by shootings in a matter of weeks in Longview, and police need your help to determine who's responsible.  Anyone who has witnessed the shootings, is encouraged to come forward.
The shootings have all happened in south Longview over the past month. One of those, last Friday night in the 2300 block of Lilly Street. There, a 23-year-old woman was shot in the arm in front of her house.

Three more shootings have happened at homes on Rayburn Drive and Flanagan and Electra streets. Tuesday evening, new Mayor Jay Dean and law officials asked eyewitnesses who have been silent to come forward. Officials said those witnesses can remain anonymous. Their hope is to keep anyone else from being harmed.

"There is no one in our city that wants to live in fear," Dean said, "and as a city council, as a city government, we will not tolerate this type of behavior. Drive-by shootings, and having guns in the hands of our young people will not be tolerated."

Residents who live on the same street where the shootings have happened say these are scary times.

"Car came by, cruised by, I could see, it was tinted windows all right but I could see them looking at me," said Judy Johnson, who last Monday, was watering her yard, just like she does everyday. But, her chore ended with her running for her life.

"They came around in a circle," Judy explained. "They came back and to my surprise they made a complete stop and just started firing at the house."

Her neighbor's house sprayed with bullets in daylight. Judy said she called 911, then watched her frantic neighbor.

"He was all upset because they were firing at the house, they had kids inside too," she said.

Other lives have been threatened on three other quiet Longview streets.  Friday night, Comoses Davis had just turned in for bed when a popping sound made him get up. "I asked my wife did she hear that and all the commotion," he said.

Just across the street of Mr. Davis's home, his 23-year-old neighbor was hit in the arm. Tuesday you could still see the garage door riddled with bullet holes.

"You don't have that kind of thing here," Mr. Davis said. "You always think something like that happens somewhere else."

But the danger is real. All the neighbors said after living here for decades, this is the first time their streets are deserted out of fear.

"Night time, morning time, you hear shots just ringing out," Judy said. "People are just scared to come outside and sit like we used to."

Police said the crimes are being committed by groups who know each other, but would not say they are gangs. They also say there will be extra patrols in south Longview.

Maya Golden reporting,

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