Proud of East Texas: 'The Not So Real McCoys, Making a Difference'

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Meet the real McCoys. Country music star Neal McCoy, wife Melinda, son Swayde, daughter Miki, and grandsons Dash and Titan, soon to be stars of reality television.

"What we're working on is called, "The Not So Real McCoys, Making a Difference," Neal said.

While Neal McCoy is a real country music star, McCoy's not his real name, it's the name he's been using since he kicked off his career 30-something years ago.

"We both go by Neal McCoy, my son Swayde McCoy...that's not our real name. Our name is McGaughey so we are the not so real McCoys," Neal said.

The reality show will take its viewers on the road with Neal and his band, explore a bit of his family life, and follow his son Swayde's struggle to establish an acting career in Hollywood.

"Swayde's a great kid. He graduated from Sam Houston back in the fall and he's wanted to be an actor for a long time," Neal said.

Neal says you won't see a lot of his daughter, Miki on the show since she's busy heading up the McCoy's East Texas Angel Network," and as for Melinda, well she's just camera shy.

"We even joke to the point that if we use any of her we may have to blur her face," Neal chuckled.

While the show may have little of Melinda in it, it does have a lot of Neal, Swayde, the band and a number of celebrities in the mix, such as Jack Hannah, Gary Sinese, William Shatner, and Wayne Newton. Newton and Sinese became close friends of Neal's during USO tours.

"Been on 15 USO tours, Iraq seven times, Afghanistan a few times, Bosnia, England, ships in the Persian Gulf, Belgium, Netherlands..." McCoy recalled.

Entertaining our troops is just a small part of the "Not So Real McCoys, Making a Difference" story line.

The "Making a Difference" also includes stories of people that Neal discovers on tour, and his "East Texas Angel Network" where everybody involved has a "making a difference" story.

"We started 22-years ago to help children with life-threatening or challenging diseases, help the families with experiences," McCoy said.

As you can see, "The Not So Real McCoys, Making a Difference" reality show, offers its audiences a personal look at Neal and his life, stories of people making a difference in our world, and music and entertainment from one of the best showmen in the business.

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