SFA Pro Day sets up Lumberjacks for success

SFA Pro Day sets up Lumberjacks for success

It's been Pro Day after Pro Day across the country the past two weeks, and today it was Stephen F. Austin's turn to put their crop of eligible athletes in front of NFL scouts.

"I was really proud of all the guys. I thought we had some excellent work on the bench press, Anthony Pullins knocked it out of the gym. We had some guys really jump well, run well, and then of course catch and throw well. I was real pleased and I think the five or six organizations that were here left impressed with the totality of the group," said Clint Conque, SFA Head Coach.

As the Lumberjacks worked out in front of eyes that would report back to the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Rams; the pressure was on but so was the focus.

"Once you get out there and it's your turn it's like a tunnel vision you don't really know who is in the stadium. It's just you and all you know is the time you going and really just finishing," said Justice Liggins.

"I kind of dealt with it as we're playing a game at Stephen F. Austin. It's the same as if your in front of a crowd watching a football game, so you just have to get used to that," said David Dane.

Representing not only SFA but East Texas, wide receiver Justice Liggins a former John Tyler Lion drew some attention clocking a 4.37 inside of Lufkin High School's training facility.

"The 40 kinda surprised me a little bit. I normally run a 4.4, but 4.37 was my goal. Came in here and got it so I'll take it," said Liggins.

But Liggins wasn't the only Jack with a surprise up his sleeve, Zach Conque took his reps as a quarterback but also stepped in during the tight end drills in hopes of showing his versatility.

"Well I knew I wanted to work both at quarterback and tight end, that was predetermined before but man it was a grind today. But I enjoyed it. One thing my mom and dad told me before this whole four month process, they said enjoy it. Today I got to enjoy it being around the people, the scouts, the former players, the alumni, it was really a good time today," said Zach Conque.

While today's main goal was to put on a performance worthy of a draft pick, it wasn't the only opportunity on the table. Even if a call doesn't come during the big event in Philadelphia, they've still put themselves in a position to be remembered for the calls that will be made for free agency and training camp invitations.

"My mind set coming in here show what I can do and the rest is in God's hands. Just come in here and compete that's really all that's on my mind, just another chance at the game," said Liggins.

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