Gift of Love: Bryan

Gift of Love: Bryan

(KLTV) - It was a close game the entire time as Bryan and I went head to head on the bowling lanes. This 16-year-old has a big heart and enjoys being active. Currently in the 9th grade, Bryan is already planning for his future.

"Going to college, be a principal, a coach and a school bus driver," Bryan said.

Bryan's new family will need to be an advocate for him in the educational community. He is currently attending a smaller school and doing very well. Bryan receives special assistance at school to help him be successful.

Bryan says he would like to work with middle school students to help them through the tough years.
When it comes to his coaching aspirations, he hopes to coach numerous sports.

"Football, basketball, soccer and volleyball," Bryan said.
Bryan enjoys being active, especially swimming, riding his bike and other outdoor activities. He likes going to Church too! 
"I like to listen to music, I like to read sometimes, I like to draw, I like to play video games," Bryan said.

Bryan says he really hopes to go hunting with his new dad. He can't wait to have a family adopt him.
Bryan looks forward to family vacations, going out to eat and family time together.

"It means that I have a family that loves me and cares about me and will support me in the future," Bryan said.

Bryan has a twin sister who is also seeking her forever home. He would like to keep in touch with her.

Bryan needs a family who is very loving and supportive. He needs a family who will never give up on him, encourage him to do his very best and most importantly, show Bryan the Gift of Love.

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