Better East Texas: QB Kaepernick out of a job six months after protest

Better East Texas: QB Kaepernick out of a job six months after protest

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Former San Francisco Forty-Niner quarterback Collin Kaepernick is out of a job.  

You will remember that Kaepernick was the leader of the protest movement in the NFL where he and eventually others chose not to stand during the National Anthem.This offended many across America, and it was suggested that because the league did nothing about it, that ratings for some games suffered.
Kaepernick's protest was targeted at inequality and violence against minorities, which is noble, but his actions came across to many as arrogant and out of touch.

Fast forward six months or so and Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the Forty-Niners and the team stated they were going to release him, anyway. So now he is in the open market.

Reports suggest that team owners are reluctant to hire him partly because of the protest. Another reason is also that he just hasn't been able to play well enough to keep his job. Some have even suggested that it is the fear of tweets from President Trump are keeping him on the sideline.  

But what can't be debated is that Kaepernick committed to donating $100,000 a month to some selected causes.  A quick check on his website shows that January was his last donation. He may be a little busy or tardy, but he has given the appearance that he isn't following through on his promise.

This is truly disappointing but perhaps it shows that Kaepernick is more committed to himself than anything else, and he may continue to pay the price, whether he donates another dollar or not.

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