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Representative Berman Wants To Extend Term

State Representative Leo Berman is asking voters to release him from a "term limits pledge", which says he cannot serve more than four, two-year terms, which ends December 2006. Berman criticized his opponent, Ted Kamel, eight years ago, for wanting to do the exact same thing. The Tyler Morning Telegraph released the results of its online poll asking: "Should Representative Leo Berman's constituents be willing to release him from his pledge and support him for a fifth term to give the county more seniority in the post?" 74 percent of those that responded said "no." Nearly 26 percent said "yes." KLTV 7 News contacted Representative Berman today. He says it takes years to understand how the legislature is run and that seniority is key to getting bills passed for his district. "I have a 100 percent conservative voting record and I know every single democrat in my district and there's not too many of them. But every single democrat would love to see me gone. Using that as a gauge I think many of my constituents have already come back and said yes we want you to stay!," says Representative Leo Berman in an over-the-phone interview.

Representative Berman also challenged the accuracy of the Tyler paper's poll saying only 232 people voted, when there are 145,000 constituents in his district. He also says people were allowed to answer the question more than once. The Tyler paper says the poll is not intended to be scientific and that anyone was allowed to respond to the poll whether they lived in the district or not. They could also respond multiple times.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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