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6/20/05-Harrison County

Home Video Captures Aftermath Of Weekend Raceway Shooting

All four suspects are expected to be arraigned Tuesday morning in Harrison County. Officers originally told us two people had died, we now know, one was killed, three others injured.

Sheriff Tom McCool says two groups of men were fighting over a $50 bet. He says one group opened fire on the other. It happened at Hallsville Raceway off Farm to Market Road 450, just two miles north of Hallsville Sunday night.

Sherry Jackson had spent the day at Hallsville Raceway with her nephews when she heard shots fired. 'The race was going on. It was nice, pleasant and all of a sudden I looked up through the bleachers and I saw a red truck pull up. A guy got out and he just, like he got in a position, a pose and he just started firing and started shooting," says Jackson.

"I grabbed my son right away. It's a scary moment. Guys were shooting some pretty big weapons out here. I didn't want my son to get shot," says witness Brett Cotton.

Sherry Jackson says the shooter was firing into a black Tahoe. She grabbed her video camera and started rolling. "I saw the driver, I think he was already deceased. The passenger side, they were working with him trying to get him to hold on until medical help got there," says Jackson.

Two other victims were in the back of the vehicle also getting treated, one was shot in the leg. Another was critically injured, the details of his injuries, unknown.

Witnesses say nearly 1,800 people were there at the time of the shooting, many of them began scrambling to leave, causing a traffic jam. The suspects had a hard time getting away.

"They said the shooter was in two red trucks. I saw one guy get out of the truck so I subdued him, got him on the ground," says Lieutenant Kenneth Allen with the Harrison County Sheriff's department. Allen was working as security at the raceway. He then took the remaining three suspects into custody.

Investigators are not sure which suspect is the shooter, or if all four participated in some way. They have confirmed though, three weapons were found inside the red pick-up truck, two handguns and a shotgun.

The Harrison County sheriff has identified the four victims and four suspects in the incident. Cedric Johnson was killed. Authorities do not know his age. 31-year-old Fredrick Prentise is in critical condition. So is 33-year-old Charles Jessie Miller, who has a lengthy criminal history, including theft and fleeing from a police officer. The fourth victim, 33-year-old Reginald Johnson, was treated and released.

Four men were arrested, including 33-year-old Christopher Marlo Florence of Tyler. 26-year-old Charles Criner of Houston, 27-year-old Henry Lee Thirkill, Jr. of Tyler, and 26-year-old Tolliver Thirkill of Tyler.

None of the four men have been charged, but the sheriff says they will likely face charges of aggravated assault or murder.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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