Gift of Love: Cruz

Gift of Love: Cruz

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of laughs and fun as Cruz and his sister Mikaela joined me for a round of Putt-Putt. Cruz is 13-years-old and going on 30! He is incredibly intelligent, perceptive, and well-spoken. The 6th grader says art is his favorite subject. He also loves to read.

"Mythical, like Greek Mythology," Cruz said.

Cruz enjoys collecting keys and locks, playing with Legos and building things with his hands. Cruz says he like architecture. He is very inquisitive and enjoys seeing how things work. As for his three wishes, Cruz thinks about family, his future and his height.

"My first wish would be to be with Mikey as brother and sister. To be able to drive a car and my third wish is to grow taller," Cruz said.
When it comes to his favorite food, Cruz says he likes all sorts of things.

"My favorite food is boneless chicken," Cruz said.

And for dessert his favorite is chocolate ice cream.

Cruz looks forward to spending quality time with his forever family. He really hopes to go on family trips.

"Go to a pool," Cruz said.

Cruz says he loves to be around water and swimming is his favorite thing to do outside. But, more than anything he wants a home to call his own.

"I want a mom and a dad," Cruz said.

Cruz and Mikaela share an extremely close bond and he says he must be adopted with his sister.

"I can't live without her," Cruz said.

Cruz and Mikaela want more than anything in the world to find a forever family that will give them both the Gift of Love.