Athens Powerlifting Duo Noah Bush and Joseph Mahmoud head to state

Athens Powerlifting Duo Noah Bush and Joseph Mahmoud head to state

Most athletes don't look forward to weight lifting, but for Athens duo Noah Bush and Joseph Mahmoud it's always been something they've enjoyed.

"Both of these guys are self motivated. I've never had to yell at them to get in the weight room, they've worked extremely hard. But more importantly, they are both great young men," said Craig Brown, Head Coach for Athens power lifting and Offensive Coordinator for football.

For the past four years, Hornet fans have watched Bush and Mahmoud compete on different stages. But, in a few days both will show off their strength in the Texas High School Power-lifting Association Division 2 state competition.

"It's really cool. Not a lot of people get to go to state. It's an honor to go with someone that I've been doing this for a while with," said Noah Bush, senior.

"It's not as long as a game of football or a game of soccer, but it's a lot more weight and pressure on you body. If you do it right and have good form you won't get hurt," said Joseph Mahmoud, senior.

With Mahmoud in the 148 weight class and Bush mixed in with 220, there is double the opportunity for a powerlifting state title to return to Athens. These two plan to bench, squat, and deadlift their way to the top.

"It's all on you, there are no teammates to look at for help. you got to go out there and get the weight yourself," said Mahmoud.

"You just have to go in there with the right mind set and the right intensity and try to do the best you could possibly do that day and whatever the outcome you feel good about it," said Bush.

The two with leave for Abilene to compete at state Friday morning.

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