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East Texas woman holds two would-be thieves at gunpoint

Mary Farmer and her trusty 12 gauge. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV. Mary Farmer and her trusty 12 gauge. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

An East Texas woman held two men at gunpoint until a Smith County deputy could arrive in the New Chapel Hill area.

It happened in the 11300 block of Smith County Road 2222 Sunday evening.

Mary Farmer says she keeps a gun in the truck to protect her livestock from coyotes, but she’s ready to use it to protect herself and her family against any threat, if needed.

She says she saw men taking things out of her father’s shed. She drove up on them and grabbed the 12 gauge from the back of the truck.

“They were parked here and I said 'you know you’re on private property;' 'Oh no, we didn’t know, Ma’am,'” Farmer recalled.

Mary had the license plate number of the men’s pickup; she called 911, and decided to start a conversation to kill a little time.

“If you have anything that belongs to us you’d better put it back now,” Farmer said.

The two denied they had anything.

“And I laid the gun over the window and I said you need to put it back,” Mary stated.

They did as Mary stepped out of her truck, gun in hand. They then expressed a desire to leave.

“Oh, no, you’re waiting on the sheriffs,” Farmer countered.

“Did you have to point it at them?” I asked her.

“Well, yes, sir, unfortunately,” she laughed.

Farmer says the shed was built many years earlier by her father, Alonzo Harris. The two men were allegedly trying to take some electrical boxes, a cooler and a few other items.

“He just kept saying 'well we just thought it was an old abandoned building and nobody cared anything about it', and I said 'sir, it’s not your stuff. It’s not really expensive and it’s just a bunch of junk, but it’s our junk,'” Farmer recalled.

She says she held a gun on the two for about fifteen minutes before a deputy arrived.

“At the time I wasn’t scared, I was just angry,” Farmer revealed.

She said the deputy arrived and asked the men to lie face down. They were cuffed, but her dad didn’t want to press charges. The deputy did snap a few pictures of the men.

“Got their names, took picture of their tattoos,” Farmer added.

27-year-old John Williams and 47-year-old Frank Pyle were issued criminal trespass citations and released.

“People out here do carry guns and we do protect ourselves, and it’s very important that you be prepared,” Farmer said.

And she wants the criminal element to know that her gun is loaded.

Receiving a criminal trespass citation means if the men step foot on that property again, they will be arrested. Farmer also says there has been more burglaries in the area the last year or so, but she has also seen a marked increase of patrolling Smith County deputies.

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