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East Texas Army Officer Home From Iraq

        A U-S Army lieutenant from east Texas is back from duty in Iraq, and enjoying the things he's missed while he was away. Lieutenant "Noe Delacruz" is home in Big Sandy after 8 grueling months with army forces in Iraq. Delacruz was treated to a homecoming party by friends and family today, on a two week leave from duty. He commands a unit of 127 soldiers. Delacruz says he's glad to be doing the important job of "peacekeeping".

     "I'm glad I'm doing it, i don't want any of my kids doing it or my nephews doing it, my parents came to this country to have a better life for me, and I'm in a position where i can help a lot of people, and i want my kids to look up to me" says Delacruz.

    Delacruz returns to finish his tour in Iraq in two weeks. It will be over in another 3 months.

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