Gift of Love: Mikaela and Cruz

Gift of Love: Mikaela and Cruz
Cruz and Mikaela are looking for the gift of love.
Cruz and Mikaela are looking for the gift of love.

(KLTV) - A round of Putt Putt had smiles on their faces as Mikaela and her brother Cruz made their way through the course. Nine-year-old  Mikaela is a bubbly, outgoing girl and the sun rises and sets in her brother Cruz. This 3rd grader loves math and science.

"Math! My math is higher than anybody else's and it's probably going to take Cruz 5 months to figure out this problem. 999 if you add it 5 times gives you 1895," Mikaela said.

But when it comes to her future, this math whiz plans to go a different route.

"I love to sing a lot so I might as well be a rock star," Mikaela said.

John Legend, Meghan Trainor and Luke Bryan are some of her favorite singers.

Mikaela says her favorite things to eat are cheese pizza and chocolate sundaes! She also loves puppies, her stuffed animal collection, and playing outside.

"I like to sing. I like to ride my bike. I like to ride my scooter," Mikaela said.
When it comes to her 3 wishes, Mikaela is all about family.

"Be with Cruz, have a puppy and the last one is to have a forever family," Mikaela said.
She would also love a big playroom and a house with yard to run around in.

Cruz and Mikaela want more than anything in the world to be adopted together.

"Because he's my brother and he loves me and he loves me and he always protects me my whole entire life," Mikaela said.

Cruz and Mikaela share an extremely close bond, and can be heard singing to each other whenever they get the chance, as well as reminding each other of all the places they have been in their short lives. Both are hoping their next stop will be with a forever family that can show them the Gift of Love.

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