Better East Texas: Fighting the K-2 drug industry

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Former Longview Mayor and newly elected State Representative Jay Dean has wasted no time in generating a legislative proposal that is worth investigating.  Representative Dean introduced legislation that, if passed, will help law enforcement in fighting the growing K-2 drug industry.

K-2 is also known as synthetic marijuana.  Over the years, the illegal drug industry has changed and it is time for laws to evolve as well to close loopholes and workarounds that are used by those individuals creating these substances that are taking a toll on our youth.

The bill will re-classify some of the chemicals used to make some of these synthetic drugs and put them in the same categories of cocaine and heroin.  Ultimately smaller amounts of these substances will result in harsher penalties.

This will allow law enforcement and the justice system to hopefully, preemptively stop this growing problem across our communities.

The use of K-2 and other synthetic drugs is growing and their effects on the body are very troubling.  While this drug is visually similar to marijuana, chemically it is not.

These substances are combinations of chemicals that vary in composition and vary in their effects on the body. They are cheaper than marijuana to purchase and they can be difficult to detect with a drug test.

So, it is past time that law enforcement be given more power to protect people from these drugs and put those that would manufacture and sell them in jail.

Ultimately, Representative Dean's bill needs to pass and up the stakes for those that are involved in illegal drug use and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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