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A Dozen ATVs Stolen From Kilgore Sports Store

More than a dozen ATVs were stolen from an East Texas sports store. Kilgore police say someone broke into Blast Motor Sports, took two of their trailers and stole new and used foiur-wheelers.

Employees say these kinds of thefts are happening more and more. John, a mechanic at Blast Motor Sports in Kilgore, arrived at work Monday to discover someone had been inside the gate where their merchandise is kept. "We noticed the pad lock off the gate. We noticed we have two black trailers and they were gone. That was the first thing that caught out eyes, " says John Burke.

Then, employees noticed items were missing. "We just noticed the bikes were gone and we started doing an inventory and discovered how many there was," says John.

Police say 12 new and used ATVs were gone, along with the trailers. Police believe the thieves got in through a back gate, then broke the front pad lock and drove the trailers away with the ATV's in tow. "It was pretty much a planned deal. I feel like somebody came in and knew what they were looking for. Now they've got our merchandise," says John.

Detectives say these kinds of thefts have become more common. They say many times, thieves will take them out of East Texas to sell them quickly and cheaply. "The used ones would be a good source for the ATV park goer because the majority of them are already geared for these parks," says Detective Ron Duncan.

John says when you are buying an ATV make sure the vin number is there. If it's scratched off, it could be stolen merchandise. Even if the vin number is still there, check with police to see if it's on record.

If you have any information about the theft at the Blast Motor Sports, you're asked to call the Kilgore police department.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com

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